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The images shown in the website represent a limited sampling of the many available.                  

For matted prints I use a custom-cut, double-thick (8-ply) archival white mat, backed by acid-free foamcore or
gatorboard and protected by a crystal-clear, sealed sleeve.  The photos are ready to insert into your favorite frame.  
Please get in touch to make a purchase.  Here are some examples:

13x24 mat (8x18 print - 9:4 ratio)

18x34 mat (12x26.5 print - 9:4 ratio)

16X20 mat (9.25x12.5 print)

20X24 mat (12x16 print)

24X30 mat (15.5x21.5 print)

A few other print sizes are available in the gallery as well, including special square format black and whites.
Images are also available as stretched canvas gallery wraps in virtually any size up to 60"+ mounted on 1.5"
stretcher bars and finished with a UV- and scratch-resistant clearcoat.  These require no frame and are
glare-free, if you have a lot of windows.  Additionally, prints up to 60"+ are available in various other striking
presentations/mounts, such as beautiful contemporary acrylic facemounts, lightweight gatorboard mounts or
thinwraps for above a bed, or the very popular sleek metal prints (bestsellers in the Gallery and great for steamy
bathrooms).  Pricing is by the square inch.  Size may be limited depending on what camera produced the image.  
Drop-shipping from one of my labs directly to your home or office is available at no extra charge.  It typically
takes two weeks.  My notecards are available only in person here in the gallery.  Please contact me at the gallery
(see below) for details.

Please note I am a gallery photographer only and do not accept commissions or "for hire" jobs.

My work is available at
Wave Gallery, one mile north of Yachats, Oregon on the central coast.  I pride myself on
my printmaking - a visit to the Gallery will let you see how much better the mounted images appear in person
than they do here on our monitors.  To inquire about licensing/commercial use or if you have any questions or
comments, please call 541.547.4405 or email  Payment can be made by sending a
check, calling with Visa/Mastercard/Discover or PayPal.  In the gallery, Google, Samsung and Apple Pay are
available by near contact.  I hope that you'll stop by if you're up this way, and thanks for having a look at my work.
Reproduction in any form prohibited without permission.
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