Bob Keller Photography
The American Northwest
and Beyond
Doing away with sometimes-distracting color
can reveal more salient qualities of an image -
line, texture, tone.  Subtly color-toned or truly
neutral black and white, this classic look was
once thought to be the only photographic
presentation worthy of being called art.
White Blossom No.1 - Toned
Surreal - Boneyard Beach
Smelt Sands Contrasts
Smelt Sands Blues
Marasmiellus in the Yachats Woods
May Flora - Pacific Dogwood
Opposing Forces - Yachats Basalt
Smelt Sands Patterns
Tree Island - Umpqua Dunes
Thirty Seconds at Photographer's Cove
Banana Slug Love - Bob Keller Photo
Copyright  ©Bob Keller
All rights reserved.
Trilliums #1 - Cape Perpetua Woods
Seal Rocks Morning
Seal Rocks Congregation
Receding - Smelt Sands
April Maidenhair
Tumultuous No. 2
Sonoran Monochrome
Cape Kiwanda
January On Ona Beach
Aluvial Art
Gallery Camellia #2
Graphic Goosenecks