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I am a tree devotee and a Photographer of the Forest.  I spend a good
amount of time bushwhacking about in the woods looking for interesting
trees to photograph.  I'm not so much interested in champion-sized trees
as those with character, but size is still important.  The featureless
massive bole of a large douglas-fir doesn't do much for me
photographically - I like the trees to have something more going on.  If
you know a tree in the Northwest, or a stand, grove or group, especially in
Oregon, that is relatively unknown or remote and is loaded with visual
appeal, please let me know with detailed instructions on how to reach it.  If
I'm able to capture a gallery-worthy photograph of it, or even a decent
one, I will send you a 9.3x12.5" print of the image as a thank you, matted
to 16x20 with an 8-ply mat , ready to insert in your favorite frame (it's a
standard frame size and a $95 value in the gallery).  I will not divulge the
location of your special tree to anyone unless it's a well-known public one
with a parking lot and signs and a trail and so on, as special trees
generally don't benefit from too much human attention.  Rest assured
that I would never do anything to jeopardize the well-being of any
outstanding tree that you may share with me.  Thanks for your help!
A Grande Dame with her Admirer
Bob Keller on Ona Beach
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