Bob Keller Photography
Wild Mushrooms
Delicious and Delicate Golden Chanterelles - Cantharellus cibarius
The elegant Stropharia ambigua
Young Scaly Chanterelles - Gomphus floccosus
Western Grisette - Amanita pachycolea
King Bolete - Boletus edulis
Pigs' Ears - Gomphus clavatus
Zen Mushrooms - Mendocino Woods
Turkey Tails - Mendocino Woods
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Images of the Northwest
An Italian favorite, Coccoli - Amanita lanei
The cauliflower mushroom - Sparassis crispa
The wonderfully slimy Cortinarius vanduzerensis
The mica cap - Coprinus micaceus
A troop of Mycena mushrooms
An unidentified mushroom popping through the redwood needles
The toxic fly Amanita - Amanita muscaria
Delicious black trumpets - Craterellus cornucopioides
The spore-puffing Earth Star - Geastrum sp.
The tiny Mycena oregonensis
The witch's hat - Hygrocybe conica
Spider towers _ Mycena sp.
Turkey Tails along the Cape Perpetua trail
Coral mushroom - Ramaria species
Admirable Bolete - Boletus mirabilis
Cat's Paw - Catathelasma ventricosa
Matsutake - Tricholoma magnivelare
Shaggy Manes - Coprinus comatus
Unidentified Pink Coral - China Creek
Banana Slug Love - Bob Keller Photo
Strawberries & Cream - Hydnellum peckii
A Shore Pine log in the coastal woods
A truly astounding assortment of fabulous fungi thrive in the woods and meadows.  
Mycological societies from far and wide come to study and pick the desirable porcini and
chanterelles.  Most of these images are specimen-type photographs,
.with little or no
attempt at an artful presentation, relecting my background as a naturalist.